About George


I’m George, an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for all things digital. I love to help people achieve their business goals by designing their online presence and setting them up for success.

Admire Marketing was founded by me and my business partner Sarina out of a shared, deep interest in the world of digital marketing. This interest began after I finished my degree in business and has remained with me ever since.

I started my first offline business back in 2016, running a local gardening company, which has been busy since day 1. After 3 years of managing over 30 active long-term clients, I grew more and more interested in the online business space. So, with a background in commercial entrepreneurship and both creative and analytical skills, I have ventured into the exciting and ever evolving world of freelance digital marketing.

I have been fortunate enough to start my career as a digital marketeer at a niche perfume e-commerce store in London. Since Admire Marketing’s founding, we have worked with mostly DTC brands in the luxury space, Skincare, Foods and Beverages industry as well as FMCG, managing over $500k in paid acquisition budgets in our first year.

I’m an active participant in a UX testing panel, where I test the user interface, experience and usability on various websites and mobile apps in development or in stage of innovation. I have tested websites for companies like Mitsubishi, Pret & Manger, Fiverr, Trivago and more.

Sarina and myself will work closely with you, becoming an extension of your team and thus helping your business reach it’s full potential.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

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About Sarina


My name is Sarina. I live in the Netherlands and have recently gotten back from a year abroad working for Google (via Vaco) in San Francisco. Together with my business partner George, we are the founders of of Admire Marketing.

My passion for Digital Marketing started over ten years ago when I thought it was time to create a website and webshop for mine and my parents own party company. Starting from scratch with a lot of help from my developer, I thoroughly enjoyed piecing together a digital brand. When the site was live, I was so happy with the idea of only occasional maintenance and responding to purchases. But boy, was I wrong! Whilst waiting for our first online clients, it didn’t take me long to figure out that setting up the website was the easy part. Our family run brick and mortar store needed a very different type of advertising than our new online brand required, now we had to actually be visible to people online. In this began my obsession with Digital Marketing.

I began learning how to reach people organically by using SEO to rank higher on Google. After that I enrolled in some courses for copywriting and how targeting your ‘ideal client’ works. To really get to know the way to use Facebook and Google Ads, I took some extensive courses about paid marketing. When I got the chance to work for one year for Google in San Francisco, I applied myself fully to the incredible opportunity. It gave me invaluable experience in learning how to create appealing ads and how to develop a successful strategy regarding paid marketing.

Email marketing, Growth Hacking and Content Creation are other areas I have studied within my field, as I really want to learn all there is to know regarding Digital Marketing and how to leverage that within my own company. Having accrued an array of certificates within Digital Marketing, I can confidently call myself a Digital Marketing Expert.

The most interesting part of my work is to be in contact with clients and helping them to use Digital Marketing in their favour. I am creatively minded and have a good eye for detail, therefore I adore the process of funnelling to streamline our services. Making sure everything is aligned and in sync always reveals the best results, so that is therefore my main goal.

I like to be challenged, and in working within such a fast paced industry that is always evolving, really allows me to apply myself fully to a career I love.