We live in a time where the demand of the customer is pretty high. People want something, and they want it now! Integrating a chatbot is a great way to fulfill your visitors demands via automation.

Know your (potential) customers

To create the perfect chatbot it is highly important to have thorough knowledge of your (potential) customers and your funnel. What are the most common questions they have? What steps do they need to take for you to get the right information? If they answer ‘A’ what will that lead to? Knowing this is important to have your funnel tailored to what suits you and your customers best.

What can a chatbot do?

If you are already aware of what the most common questions are within your business you can let your chatbot answer these questions for you. If you have a funnel in place, your potential customers will have some of the necessary direction automated, and then will hopefully have the option of using the chatbot, thus expediting processes even further. Both options can save you a lot of time and effort by streamlining and automating a considerable part of your online business. Another great thing is that your response time will increase enormously, which will benefit your business, your customers, Facebook and Google. If the chatbot doesn’t know a specific answer, you will be notified immediately allowing you to regain control of the situation.

Chatbot Automation Example

Make it personal

To make people feel connected to your business you don’t want to make it that obvious that they are talking to a machine. Therefore it is important to use the same tone of voice used in all of your other content, and to make things personal. Besides text you can use emotes, pictures and even videos. 

Connect it to your ads

Leading people to your chatbot is a great way to give a direct response after clicking on your ad. You can directly give them the information they are looking for as well as answering the FAQ’s. It can also help you qualify the most valuable leads, or help you discover what might need to be modified in your ad copy, for example, allowing you to further improve the quality of your leads.

Let’s create the ultimate chatbot for your business

We can help you set up a chatbot and connect it to your website or Facebook page. By connecting people to the chatbot we help them go through the intended funnel as smoothly as possible by letting the chatbot answer the FAQ’s automatically. To see if your business would benefit from a chatbot we can perform a FREE audit of your website. You will receive the outcome within 2 days in your email. After we send the results we will schedule a call with you.