How We Made 9.6x ROI in Canadian Candle Market in Dec 2020

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Serendipity Candles is a small family-owned business that sells clean-burning and cruelty-free candles at an affordable price in Canada.

We came in just a few days before Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020, while the brand was actively advertising with another agency whose contract was finishing in December.

There were 2 goals:

  • Boost Sales by implementing a strategy specific to Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 & Pre/Christmas & New Year’s Campaigns
  • Test advertising in the US market
Cyber Weekend was just around the corner at the time, so we created campaigns specific to the US market which led to a completely new US site. This is what we found:

Not great results, in fact barely breaking even. So where was the issue?

šŸ‘‰ There have been 271 visitors to the US site for Nov 25th – Dec 3rd and we only had 3 purchases.
šŸ‘‰ This meant that the conversion rate of the website was 0.74%, which was WAY too low for us to be successful. Anything below 2% is low and 3% is ideal for ads. If we compare the conversion rate for the same timeframe on the Canadian site, it was 4.1% (which is 5.5x higher!)
šŸ‘‰ Having analyzed an issue with the website, we recommended to focus advertising in the Canadian market until the US site gets optimized for conversions

Moving on to the CA market, we created Christmas and Winter themed ads with a sense of real urgency, adding a ‘order before 15th Dec’ as the last day for timely Christmas delivery.

This campaign ran from 3rd until 15th Dec and with $460.48 ad spend, we saw a return of $3,642.47 (7.91 ROAS).

Seeing urgency drive success, we replicated the strategy after 15th Dec, converting our ‘Christmas Collection’ into a ‘Winter Collection’ and creating new campaigns urging to order before the festive scents are gone.

In addition to running Christmas/Winter campaigns with urgency, we have created a campaign for a special ‘Winter Box’ product, which contained a bundle of candles worth $100 for $75. The Winter Box had a surprise element to it, with 3 candles being known and 3 being a surprise! This campaign has done exceedingly well with $44.42 in ad spend we saw a return of $1,292,14 in the first week (29.09 ROAS).

Here’s a couple of the creatives that were used:

A static image, showing the product with clarity and simplicity

HD Video with seasonal product imagery in a slideshow

šŸŒ± Results:

Using $1,805.70 in budget from 1st Dec to 31st Dec we have generated $17,406.47 in revenue with a ROAS of 9.64. That’sĀ  9.6x ROI, using a combination of prospecting and dynamic product catalogue retargeting campaigns.

9.6x ROI

šŸ“ˆ On the Horizon:

We see a lot of opportunity for this brand in different areas which we plan to implement in the following months:

  • Klaviyo email marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization for both CA and US site
  • Increase AOV & Customer Lifetime Value by implementing cross-sell/upsell techniques
  • Advertise new fun products as people will spend more time at home: i.e. DIY Candle Kit
  • Addition of digital Referral Programs
  • Optimization of Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Advertising timely seasonal offers/sales
  • Addition of lead generation systems

Would you like to know the full story and find out which ad was the surprise winner that by chance skyrocketed the brand's product sales? Contact us with the message 'Serendipity' below and we'll send the case study over to you.

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