Our Mission

Our mission is to help small and medium businesses create a better online presence and gain higher profits online. We want to help businesses who don’t have access to huge marketing budgets, but who offer excellent services or products. Especially businesses who have room to grow and will benefit from having a good online presence.

Why we mainly focus on small and medium businesses

The reason we mainly focus on small and medium businesses is because that is where our expertise lies. We both started small, local businesses before starting our own e-commerce businesses. So before we got into marketing we were very aware of the struggles with competing with the ‘big boys’. 

When we found out how we could leverage digital marketing to make more profit for our own businesses, we quickly became obsessed and began learning absolutely everything there was to learn in the field. Now we have reached a level of knowledge and experience where we can help other businesses gain a better online presence.

Make use of the benefits of your small or medium business

We know how to make full use of the many benefits that come with having a small or medium business. The personal approach, the unique services and products, and really just getting to know your customers are just a few examples of the benefits that small and medium businesses have on their bigger competition. Together with you, we will find out what makes your business unique and leverage that to create a solid online strategy.  Therefore we don’t offer standard prices. We really want to sit down with you as a business owner, to see if and where we can help and what profit can be expected. From then on we can determine the strategy and price.

Why choose us?

We find it really important to keep the personal approach that we have developed our company around. We don’t offer standard strategies because every business is unique within it’s own unique situation. We want to hear your story. What made you start your business in the first place? What is your mission? What are your struggles? Who are your customers? Why do they come to you instead of your competitor?

To combine the answers to these questions (and probably a lot more questions) with our knowledge and experience we can really dive into your business and see how we can help you and what needs to be done. If you are hesitant about going online with your business we can also help you with your offline business using digital marketing.

Save on time, money and work on your business. Let us help you and schedule a FREE call where we can discuss how we can help you.