How To Easily Collect Customer Data and Send Hypersegmented Emails (On Automation)

Here's a quick tip that will easily allow you to collect more customer data and send hypersegmented emails throughout the year!

If you’re an e-commerce brand owner or a marketeer, you’re probably aware that collecting email addresses and sending hypersegmented emails is very important for your business. You probably have a sign up form at the bottom of your page or even a pop-up with an attractive offer and that’s great!

Brands that work with us know that we’re all about making data-informed decisions, and so we always aim to collect as much data as possible.

An easy way to do this from the get-go is by having your subscribers answer a short question before they sign up.

If you’re selling tea, you could ask about the favorite type of tea.

If you’re a gift store, you could ask who the customer is shopping for.

If you’re a skincare brand, you could ask about the type of skin your subscriber has

and so on.. 

A safe (and great) way to start is by asking your customers about their birth date.

If you’re using Klaviyo, you can easily do this by adding a date input field on both your pop-up and sign-up form. (And if you’re not, then what are you waiting for, get started with the best e-commerce e-mail marketing solution here.)

Once you have done this, you can go ahead and create a ‘Birthday Flow’ triggered by the collected date property. In the example below, a flow email is sent a week before the recipient’s birthday; they will then receive either an SMS (if they have opted-in) or an email on their actual birthday.

hypersegmented emails

Combine this with a birthday offer (i.e. 20% off) and soon you will have a high-earning flow that will keep sending throughout the whole year. 

Birthday flows can also help you show how much you care about your customers. After all, who doesn’t like being wished a happy birthday?

If you’d like to get your brand started with Klaviyo and earn +20-50% revenue with email, get in touch with us via the contact page. We will get back to you within 2 business days.

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