How To Prevent/Resolve Facebook Ad Account Ban

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In this post you'll discover how to keep your Facebook Ad Account healthy and prevent/resolve account ban.
🛑 Have you ever worried that your ad account will get banned or restricted?
🛑 Would you like to avoid finding yourself in such a situatuon?
Here’s how to prevent/resolve Facebook Ad Account ban in a few simple steps.

How to prevent:

✔ Set up two-factor authentication. 
To do this, go to Security and Login Settings > Scroll down to Use two-factor authentication and click Edit > Choose the security method you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions. (See detailed guide here).
✔ Review all people who have access to your Business Manager and remove access for those who no longer need access. 
You should check your account periodically and remove people who are not using it anymore. This will keep your ad account healthy and lower any risk associated.
✔ Visit the Account Quality dashboard and lookout for alerts
✔ Review inactive ad accounts and disable the ones you no longer use
✔ Review the status of your Ad Accounts and Ads Rejected
✔ Edit all Ads that are currently Rejected to comply to Facebook Ad Policies

How to resolve:

✔ If your Account is Restricted from Advertising, you should login into Business Manager and visit the Account Quality dashboard. Here you will find the reason(s) why your account is disabled/restricted and steps to follow to let Facebook review your account.

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